Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Goodbye and Farewell

Now that I have finally gotten settled back into the American way of hot water showers, huge portions, no language barrier (most of the time), soft mattresses, varieties of food and most importantly CHEESE its time I said a quick thank you.
I must thank P Moo my coordinator as well as all the other teachers in my department P Nudee, P Rat, P Porn, P Por, Melanie, Anne, Eak, Nan and the few others I seem to be blanking on their names. They're really hard to remember since they're just sounds and people hardly ever say others names there. I'm just making excuses I know, but I really do appreciate all the help and kindness they gave me. Most of the time we didn't talk because of the language barrier, but I could tell we were fast friends based off hand motions and smiles.
I also have to thank the other American teachers I taught with, Parker and Jonathan. We all became quite close in part because no one else spoke english fluently in our town and also because friends are fun. I had such a great time on our adventures into the city and it was so nice to be able to talk to someone who was going through the same hardships as I was. 
Next I would like to thank all the people who helped make my trip happen from CIEE and OEG. Alex and Phillip were the best. They went out of their way to help us in anyway possible and I am forever grateful for it. I know there was a lot of behind the scenes work going on too so anyone who helped behind the scenes thanks a million.
I'd like to thank the friends I met in Thailand. Hannah, Franki, Jack, Kerry, Maggie, Dane (the boys I taught with are also included in this category). You guys were awesome and such a great time. Looking back I wish I had made more trips to see you all, but I hope I'll see you all again someday. Keep on Keeping on!
Lastly I have to thank the Thai people for being so incredibly kind and happy. Thanks students for brightening my day (mostly). I intend to return someday, but I know I will always look back fondly on my time spent in Thailand.
Here are a few photos from the beginning of my trip that didn't make it on the blog.
The railroad tracks that still run over The Bridge over the River Kwai
The Bridge over the River Kwai
We had dinner and a dance party on a barge
This little boat tugged us along at break neck speeds (Not really. It was really slow)
Woman touching up the 24 karat gold leaf on the Grand Palace
Our tour guide at the Grand Palace.
Such an enthusiastic guy while all of us were dying of heat and sweating ALOT
I'll tell ya one thing... jeans were a bad choice that day.
More of the Grand Palace
Kerry and I
Hannah, me, Frankie and Kerry
Baby elephants kind of freak me out.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Flowers for hours

The flowers of Thailand are beautiful and the variety amazes me everyday. Since today is my last day here I walked around my school to take some pictures of all the different flowers at the school. This ones for you mom.
Our school casually has an orchid garden
"Here take a photo of me and the flower."
I'm sorry I didn't take the time to find the names for each of them.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Chatuchak in 91 degree weather.

Before I left to go to Chatuchak this morning I tweeted, "Why am I going to an outdoor market in the middle of the day when it's supposed to be 91 degrees out? I have no gosh dang idea." That sort of sums up the trip without all the juicy and fun details. I highly recommend going to Chatuchak should Bangkok ever be your destination. At first I was expecting just a larger version of every other market I go to where the raw meat stall is directly next to the fresh fruit and veggies and across is a stall where you can buy cheap shirts that will fall apart in a month. Boy was I wrong!
This market is super cool. Its super easy to get to since its right next to a BTS stop. Everything is sold there from baby clothes to shower curtains to food to plants to all your woven needs and more.
The trees were in bloom and absolutely beautiful
Everything you could possibly want (and more) that is woven
Remodeling your bathroom, but don't have much money?
The creepiest guy selling children's items
The types of food sold were the kinds of food I (and I imagine all tourists) like to see at a market. Mostly because I don't have any need for raw meats and unprepared veggies and fruit. There was BBQ, deep fried everything that was then deep fried again, freshly prepared fruit on ice, crepes and waffles, drinks and then the most appreciated part were all the frozen delights like freshly dipped chocolate covered frozen bananas, ice cream, popsicles and what I like to call cold fruit and jelly soup which is exactly what the name implies. I got mango sticky rice, a chocolate dipped banana with nuts, watermelon and water. I sadly forgot like 4 times that I wanted to get a popsicle though.
The queen of the real sugar soda
Yum a thon
Seriously the best half a watermelon I've eaten in awhile
Looking to eat your weight in deep fried food?
Ice cream bars for the trendy folk
Unknown flavored tea and possibly juice and a heck of a lot of ice
Hey mango head lady!
Since I already bought all the souvenirs I was planning to buy (if you want anything tell me like now and I might still be able to get something but probably not), all I was initially interested in when going to the market was the food, but then I stumbled upon all the vintage clothing stalls and I was suddenly in trouble. I ended up not buying that much and it was all like incredibly cheap. Found two dresses and a skirt that literally smell like a grandma which I like to think reinforces that they are actually vintage. I finally found a pair of light wash Levi's that fit me like a glove and they were only $15! Sort of funny I had to come all the way to Bangkok for them. Also found a shirt that looks like it came from Africa from the brand Ethnic Labels. Anyway the vintage stalls were pretty cool, however, their coolness didn't quite translate into the pictures.
Thais sure love their prints
One thing that made me feel really good about myself was toward the end of my roaming I stumbled upon the Levi's stall and sweat was literally dripping off my face and all the hair around my face was soaked. I went to try on the jeans and was so sweaty I couldn't get my own pants off (sorry if thats too much information). When I was leaving all the girls told me I was beautiful and I was so shocked I said, "Thank you! I'm so hot!" as if that might help to explain that normally my hair wasn't that wet and sticking to my face.
Sitting in traffic the whole way home was certainly worth the trip.
I would love "The impression of espresso" thank you!
How convenient... I needed 117 million fake flowers.
Because if its not a ukulele you're looking for... maybe a bath mat?
Some really colorful fuzzys